Engagement Models

In addition to regular software development, maintenance, and testing services; we also enable our customers to set up their own development unit to leverage the best of the offshore benefits.


Building up an Offshore Development Center(ODC) is becoming a popular business model when businesses want to reduce cost of operation and increase productivity.
At Yugensys, we have the expertise to setup ODC and provide services to a wide range of businesses.

Our model is based on assembling the right development team keeping in mind the needs of your project. To function according to your specific software development needs and preferred engagement model,
Yugensys ODC model follows client’s practices, methodologies and culture while ensuring customized approach to testing, and maintaining data security and integrity.

The ODC becomes an extension of your organization in India, having access to a vast pool of talented professionals in a cost-effective and rewarding setup.


  • A dedicated team that works as an extended team

  • Facilitates in improved turn-around time augmenting your core team

  • An exclusive infrastructure setup

  • Full intellectual property rights protection

  • Appointed security policy designed in accordance to your company regulations

  • An exclusive education and training program

  • Flexibility to scale up or down

  • Custom designed Knowledge retention programs

  • Low risk – High return. Fixed monthly cost with no overheads

  • Switch over to Time and Materials model


Offshore software testing center lets your core team focus on the product development performance while a dedicated offshore team of software testing professionals with specific skills for a domain and platform to work alongside at every phase of the lifecycle.

An Offshore Testing center can help significantly control the costs by eliminating the huge investment needed to build an equally competent in-house testing team.
While we build a test strategy, design test plans, and execute them in close coordination with the development team, we take complete responsibility and accountability to maintain privacy and protect the integrity of data.

Our Agile test teams work seamlessly as an integrated part of a geographically distributed team.


  • Highly cost-saving vis-a-vis traditional outsourcing
  • Ability to scale up/down according to your business needs
  • Meticulous execution of test strategy, resulting in better predictability for your software releases
  • Full transparency in the processes with data-driven metrics
  • Assured Data Integrity and protection of intellectual property rights
  • An exclusive infrastructure setup
  • Custom designed Knowledge retention and training programs
  • Appointed security policy designed in accordance to your company regulations
  • Low risk – High return. Fixed monthly cost with no overheads